Things That You Need To Know About Custom-Made Living Room Furniture

IMG-20161117-WA0020.pngCustom-made sofas, couches, recliners and other furniture is becoming popular among homeowners who are looking for unique designer pieces that are comfortable and functional. Apart from that they are opting for high quality fabrics, leather and other furnishing materials. Many see custom-made living room furniture as an investment that they can benefit in the long run.

  • Have a clear idea why you want to invest on a piece of couch or sofa

If you want to ensure the longevity of your sofa or couch you need to have a clear idea why you are investing a specific piece. A few questions that you need to ask yourself are

  • what purpose it serves
  • who’s going to use it
  • is it going to be more of an exhibit than a functional piece?
  • Would you be entertaining so a lot people will be using it?

Once you have answered these queries, you will understand the real purpose of investing on a custom-made sofa.

  • Custom furniture is not pricey– This is a myth that many of us need to demystify. It’s not necessary that the custom-made furniture pieces are pricier than the ready-made pieces that you find in the showrooms. At times custom-made pieces can be inexpensive too. The reason is a large-scale furniture maker has a lot of hidden factors such as flat fee of the designers, shipping, advertising and other overheads such as rent and the utility bills of the showroom. These are included in the pricing structure of a sofa set. The final sticker price includes all the aforementioned costs.
  • Is time on your side– Time frame is crucial for designing a custom-made couch or sofa. Once a designer your approval of the design he has defined and designed, you need to give ample amount of time say at least eight weeks to complete your piece. The reason is the custom-made furniture maker would begin the task only after he procures the desired materials, and is sure about the right size.
  • Size matters – An experienced sofa maker can design and deliver a sofa or couch that fits the Goldilocks perfectly. That is neither too high, big, soft or hard. But a perfect one. Today, there are odd spaces into which a sofa, couch or a chair has to fit into. This is not available in the generic furniture outlets. To make the odd space elegant you need a custom-made furniture that fits sleekly into space.

Designers specializing in custom-made pieces don’t borrow ideas from other people. Neither do they make two pieces similar. They make signature pieces of using unique designs and materials that blend well with other furniture in your living room.